Yoga and Breath/Women’s yoga

Yoga and Breathing

The body does not lie. While our thoughts and feelings easily mislead us, our bodies always betray the state we are actually in.

Our bodies can be seen as a multitude of energy channels. There are seven energy centres along the spinal cord, from our tailbones to the crowns of our heads. If that energy flow encounters an obstacle, this is bound to appear on the physical plane too. Pains, injuries, accidents, and all kinds of emotional and mental traumas get built into us at the level of our cells. Our lives are influenced by the circumstances of our births, and the physical and mental traumas we suffer during each passing day. Likewise, good experiences also leave their marks on us.

The body speaks. It tells us which areas constitute our strengths, and which demand attention and hard-work. In different physical postures, with breathing exercises connected to dynamic movements, and by tapping or rubbing our bodies, we can dissolve the blockages, release the energy-flow, and help our bodies, minds and souls to develop.

We connect with the outside world through the seven energy centres and each corresponds to a different area of our lives. Endocrinal glands belong to each. Practice results in a growing harmony in the energy centres and a boost to the functioning of the glands.

‘Kundalini’ energy indicates the sources of strength hidden in each of us. We learn to tap more and more of this, which helps us to live life joyfully, to trust in each day at a time and in our ability to face each difficulty as a challenge, an opportunity.

The yoga lessons take place in small groups or one-on-one, allowing each participant to receive my full attention.

Yoga for Women

In today’s world ‘male’ energies play an exaggerated role – action, purposefulness, hardness, the outpouring of energy. Of course, men and women alike need such qualities, but alongside these the ‘female’ qualities are often missing: acceptance, caring, softness. And if softness is present, hardness finds its place. If we allow ourselves to express our femininity, male qualities also fall into place.

Love for the other person as they are, without wishing to change them, can be found primarily between couples, and in the family, where the woman plays the main role. Every traditional community was held together by rituals. Such common rituals induced in the participants a trance-like state, into which members of the group from time to time allowed themselves to enter. Feast-days, dances, and music served that role: these were the events which people had in common.

Sexuality can create that altered state of mind which reaches beyond the everyday routines and lays the foundations of security. If sexual relations are not harmonious between a couple, this deeply affects the children.

But how can one keep alive or rediscover the same freshness and excitement which a new relationship would bring, after ten, twenty or thirty years together?

Yoga for Women helps us to get to know our own bodies better.

The exercises help the functioning of our glands, especially the sexual ones. We strengthen the deep muscles of the pelvis by exercising the perineum, which affects our whole physical and mental condition. This strengthens our sexual energy, which rises up through the whole body, healing it all. This even works if we are not in a relationship. Women become radiant!